Communication and Outreach minutes may 29, 2019

Attendees: Christian Hunt, Jana Archer, Erin McCombs, Gail Lazaras, Jason Meador, Fred Haris, and Axel Ringe.

  1. How can we best function as a group, develop priorities, and schedule mettings each year
    • More holistic approach to outreach with targeted strategy and random events aren’t reaching goal
      • Create a working group A&I projects so O&C can prepare outreach opportunities
      • Jack Henderson’s role with American Rivers will expire in June 2019 — Review results
      • Be more proactive with the snorkeling program
        • Jason to draft a gear loaner program policy
    • Meet at least once in between SC meetings, as needed otherwise? Monthly?
      • Most suggestions were to hold least one O&C meeting between steering committee meetings, and more if necessary
    • What are the expectations of the co-chairs?
      • Christian—outreach and communicating with A&I
      • Jana—GIS and Website updates
    • Communicate with other groups/committees on what the needs are
      • Message out to other groups with A&I events
      • Share information across partnership
      • Assist in a creative plan with A&I
  2. Assemble Communications Committee
    • Distribute outreach materials with Outreach Team and Steering Committee Members
    • C&O have:
      • Fact sheets
      • PowerPoint
      • Freshwaters Illustrated videos
    • Gail will solicit updates from partners and provide a quarterly update to partnership
    • Jason has lots of events but is unable to capture photos because he works most of them alone, but he can let us know the number of people at events
    • Axel thinks we need to work diligently to get work out to the general public
      • Kids are the key
      • More public relations
      • Widely distribute materials
      • Hold outreach presentations at colleges (UT—Axel, ETSU—Jana, WCU, etc.)
  3. Continuous Communication with Steering Committee
    • Meeting notes distributed to Steering Committee
      • Jana volunteered to take C&O minutes, distribute to the Steering Committee, revise and publish on website
  4. Communications coordinators
    • Lead on partnership communications
      • Christian:
        • Create calendar to update teams
        • Add updates to calendar
        • Add information to Facebook
      • Jana
        • Add calendar to website
        • Add updates to website calendar
        • Add quarterly newsletters to website
        • Add Communications and Outreach Plan to Website
      • Gail
        • Solicit updates from partners
        • Provide a quarterly update to partnership
        • Develop Communications and Outreach Plan
        • Send updates within the partnership
        • Write internal newsletter.
  5. Website
    • Group—please go through website with a fine tooth comb an send all suggestions to Jana
    • Maintain, update, monitor
      • Jana
        • Add quarterly newsletters to website •
        • Work on restructuring the website to be more functional and easier to navigate
        • Add the event calendar with all partnership events
    • Coordinate content from others + content creation
      • Jana
        • Gather data from partners, FB, etc. and create content
        • Embed and add Freshwater Illustrated videos
      • Axel
        • Suggested we add more descriptions and photos to the fish profile
  6. GIS
    • Internal ArcOnline map
      • Jana
        • Needs data from all partners preferably with GPS coordinates or 911 addresses
        • This data will be used in the private map and would only be shared within group. These data can be used to create hot spots and other analyses which could be used on website based on Steering Committee quorum votes and agreement from data source. These analyses would not put dots on maps but rather show a circular buffer based on chosen attribute. (For example: there is a hot spot area in Abrahms Creek for Blotchside logperch.)
    • Story map
      • Erin provided a background of the story map
      • NCWF received money to create map platform.
      • The purpose is to tell a story of conservation in the Little Tennessee.
      • This should be used as a tool in classrooms but this needs a kick of and Launch.
        • This may relate back to Axel and Jana offering to speak at colleges as one option
        • Jana
          • Will can check with TVA outreach group to see if the have any outreach programs in the Little Tennessee for 5th graders. She could possibly piggyback on that for a brief presentation of the story map
          • Create an additional Story map with 2018 Accomplishments
  7. 7. Social Media
    • Include social networking components
    • Connect with other groups that are already active on social media
    • Group has a Facebook page
    • Christian would like help managing FB page
    • Axel and Jana offered to assist
    • We al need to look for all content that fits within the Little TN River Basin and send to Christian, Jana, and/or Axel